Fashionista Fun

A walk on the exotic side

I wanted to wear an exotic dress this time–something elegant and orientally-inspired.

NoemiZilkerlook NoemiZilkerpath

And also a tribal black & white dress with such a bold statement necklace!

NoemiZilkertribaldress NoemiZilkerwaterfall
statement necklace from Strut

Color Splash
On most overcast days I like to wear splashes of color.  In this photoshoot, I am wearing a floral jacket with colorful accessories (jacket, necklace, bracelet and yellow straw clutch by Francesca’s Collections).


I love a great Spring/Summer dress and this one has the right amount of delicacy yet delivers a punch of color! Like me:)


Dress: Langford Market

Red Alert! all-out red accessories makes the red roses on the flower dress pop and creates a bright, chic look.

Noemi_color_1 Noemi_color_2 Noemi_color_3 Noemi_color_4Noemi_color_6Noemi_color_7

Forever 21 dress, necklace and earrings by Charming Charlies and vintage bag.


I am a native Texan, and I wanted to do a western look.  This is a western look that is non-traditional.  I am wearing a horse print dress with brown booties and a stylish hat.  I am a Texan, but consider myself cosmopolitan (I love to travel and like to dress more east coast and/or European).  Let horses roam free, and fashionistas too 🙂


Forever 21 dress, hat from Charming Charlies


Yes! The ability to easily transform oneself into a completely different persona is what I love most about fashion.  It is amazing where clothing and accessories can take one–it allows one to “act” and become another character in a sense.  This edgier shoot was experimental and a little bolder in use of clothing, lighting and backdrop.



hair by Lindsay Chapman, photos by Philip Menchaca


This photo shoot is dedicated to anticipation of fall and loving the clothing associated with it.  I love blazers, closed toe shoes and boots, tweed, leather bags and briefcases.  There is air of scholar and sophistication in the air…


blazer by H&M.  photo credit: Philip Menchaca

Summer is right around the corner and nothing says light and airy like a crisp white dress and stylish straw hat.  This is one of my favorite dresses–it fits like a light shirt on top with a pleated skirt bottom.  I felt like I was in some tropical paradise, at least for that hour…

noemi_lyingongrasshat_blog Noemi_whitetreesblog

As a garden and flower lover, I enjoy wearing flower-covered clothing and accessories.  It makes me feel like I am wearing nature’s beauty, which in my point of view, is the highest form of aesthetics.  In these photos, I am wearing a strapless flower dress with a light, lace pleat.  The accessories add the right punch: a colorful stone necklace and bright pink wedge sandals!

Here are some fun photos from an edgy photo shoot.  I am wearing a red leather skirt, leopard pants and leopard glasses — fashion allows me the freedom and ability to express myself creatively!

photo credits: Philip Menchaca

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